Charity shop Disco Party

This was interesting in terms of music purchases – I picked up a couple of records in a local charity shop on my lunch break.

The first, was a bit tatty – The fantastic cover depicted, band (pictured), resplendent in pearlescent capes, no less. Frankly, it looked awesome. When I got back to my desk I skipped onto YouTube quickly to discover the album was L.T.D’s ‘Devotion’ Funk, Soul, Disco all in one – Brilliant.

So, eagerly racing home to enjoy my new find, you can only imagine my disappointment when I cued the first track and out came this.

Someone had clearly changed the discs up with the OST for Christian musical, Godspell – Motherfuckers. I was gutted.

Saving the day was my second purchase – A pretty much immaculate copy of Cameo’s ‘Attack me with your Love which sounds great (if a little rapey) and is definitely one for a house party.


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